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Do you have research interest in Heliopheric and Solar Physics?

If so, we may have the job for you.

We are seeking a Post-Doctoral Fellow position that will primarily focus on the analysis of data from both the Parker Solar Probe mission and the Suprathermal Ion Spectrograph (SIS) instrument on the Solar Orbiter mission. This includes data processing, instrument operation, science trade analyses in support of both missions, as well as in-depth original scientific research on solar wind, energetic particle, coronal mass ejections and related fundamental physical processes using both in-situ and remote sensing datasets. These tasks include the publication of original research in peer-reviewed journals and participation in mission and open scientific conferences. 

The APL Space Physics Group has a broad, active, and vibrant basic research program that includes data analysis, theory, and modeling studies of Heliospheric and Solar Physics, planetary magnetospheres including that of the Earth and the outer planets, and magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling. It has significant development programs in space instrumentation and mission design, along with an active role in the development of leading MHD models and test particle simulations. Currently, participation in active missions includes, among others, Parker Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter, ACE, STEREO, New Horizons, Geotail, Voyager 1 and 2, Juno, and MMS. The group also leads and/or develops hardware in future missions including the JUICE and Europa Clipper missions to Jupiter, the Dragon Fly mission to Titan, and IMAP mission to image the heliopau.

As a Post Doctoral Fellow, you will…

  • Conduct original research and authoring papers based on both Solar Orbiter SIS and Parker Solar Probe mission data
  • Preparing for and participating in scientific conferences and presenting Solar Orbiter SIS and Parker Solar Probe mission scientific findings
  • Develop and support Solar Orbiter SIS data analysis including software and data visualization development
  • Develop and support Parker Solar Probe mission data analysis including software and data visualization development
  • Participation in dayto-day Solar Orbiter SIS operations and planning, and scientific trade studies
  • Developing innovative scientific research efforts and proposing to competed solicitations

You meet our minimum qualifications if have…

  • A PhD in Physics or in a related field, or demonstrated equivalent experience in a scientific field applicable to space physics.
  • Published first author scientific papers in a peer-reviewed journal and contributed to other scientific articles, must have a demonstrated ability to give quality scientific presentations, and demonstrated the skills necessary to write quality papers.
  • Have the ability to travel to Solar Orbiter Team meetings, Parker Solar Probe Team meetings, and other scientific meetings will be required. Due to COVID-19, these meetings are currently virtual.

You will go above and beyond our minimum qualifications if you have…

  • An in-depth knowledge of space plasma and/or solar physics, preferably including acceleration and transport processes of energetic particles in the corona and the solar wind.
  • Experience with the analysis of in-situ and/or remote sensing datasets, and the ability to utilize models, either empirical or physics-based, to aid the interpretation of spacecraft observations.
  • A working knowledge of data visualization and analysis packages comparable to IDL, Python, MatLab, or equivalent.

Why work at APL?


The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) brings world-class expertise to our nation’s most critical defense, security, space and science challenges. While we are dedicated to solving complex challenges and pioneering new technologies, what makes us truly outstanding is our culture. We offer a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere where you can bring your authentic self to work, continue to grow, and build strong connections with inspiring teammates.


At APL, we celebrate our differences and encourage creativity and bold, new ideas. Our employees enjoy generous benefits, including a robust education assistance program, unparalleled retirement contributions, and a healthy work/life balance. APL’s campus is located in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. Learn more about our career opportunities at

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